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September 22 | The Science of Winning Bids
As a plumbing, electrical, or HVAC subcontractor, obtaining accurate estimates with high bid win ratios is essential to increasing the overall profitability of your business. However, the science and mathematics that go into determining these estimates isn’t always easy to figure on your own—especially if you’re a busy individual! The independent estimators of Astra Estimating Services understand this, and that is why they are dedicated to helping subcontractor businesses like yours obtain the custom estimates needed to win more bids and increase business profitability! For years, Astra has been providing professional estimating services to local plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors in Ohio and across the nation—including areas of the West Coast, New York, and Illinois! By choosing to invest in these affordable estimating services, you can win more bids, obtain more work, and effectively increase your win/loss ratio!
Why choose Astra Estimating Services over another firm to assist with your bid estimates? Where many estimating firms focus 80% of their time on estimating and the other 20% on the science behind it, Astra Estimating Services does the opposite.  By focusing 80% of their time on the science behind winning bids, Astra is able to provide their clients with the professional estimating services they need to improve their business. In fact, this estimating firm actually uses a unique process to help provide these custom estimates for your business and more called Estimating Down to a Science. This process is as follows:
  • Numbers Analysis – Your overhead, labor hours, labor rates, and the number of jobs you have won will be reviewed.
  • Project Qualifications – Project bids are able to be provided to Astra Estimating Services or Astra Estimating Services can help locate projects for you that are tailored to your businesses specific needs.
  • Acquire Plans - Astra Estimating Services can get the plans, you can supply the plans, or a hard copy can be ordered with verification of project information: bid dates, union/non-union, open shop, etc.
  • Accurate Estimating – An independent estimator will read all specs and plans and review the scope of work involved.
  • Relationship Building – You can provide Astra Estimating Services with “invites to bid” and they will find other contractors bidding the project to make sure your estimate gets into their hands.
  • Bid Closeout – Astra Estimating Services’ number analysis will be performed and important information pertaining to the bid will be shared with you in case adjustments need to be made before the bid is sent out.
  • Results and Bid Tracking – Post-bid follow up calls are made by Astra Estimating Services to confirm who won the bid and what your placement was compared to others bidding. With this information, numbers can be adjusted for the next bid if necessary. Finally, Astra will call for all estimates that are sent out for bid as this is the most crucial aspect of increasing bid win ratios for your business.
By providing these affordable estimating services to individual subcontractors across the nation—including areas of Ohio, Illinois, New York, and the West Coast—more plumbing, electrical, and HVAC businesses have are able to successfully win bids and increase profitability. Furthermore, Astra Estimating Services has been able to help many of their clients become known to general contractors in their area through the relationship building process the incorporate into their estimates.
If you’re ready to improve the win/loss ratio of your bids, contact the independent estimators of Astra Estimating Services today. With their help, you can get the custom estimates you need to win bids, increase your business’ profit, and much more! Best of all, these professional estimating services can be used to help electrical, plumbing, and HVAC subcontractor businesses across the nation – including those in Illinois, New York, Ohio, and along the West Coast! To learn more about the affordable estimating services available for your subcontractor business through Astra Estimating Services, visit Otherwise, feel free to e-mail or call 330.633.7300 to speak to a knowledgeable consultant today!
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