How Does Our Estimating Services Work?

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During this call we will go over your current needs and come up with a results driven win strategy for your business 👍

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Step 1: Choose a project to bid

Once the strategy session has been completed, next step would be selecting a project for us to prepare an estimate for...

Your Jobs & Plans

  •  Select a project from your list of jobs or bid invites.
  •  Upload plans to our convenient online project center.
  • ​Or you can easily ship your plans directly to us.
  • ​To make things super easy, send us the GC bid invite and we take care of getting the plans for you.

Our Jobs & Plans

  •  Free local Job bid lists are available from GC's. 
  •  When we receive the projects we send them to you to choose from.
  • ​We will send you all the details on the project you select when available. 
  • ​If you want to estimate the project we will do all the work on obtaining the plans for your company.
  • ​All project are on a first come first serve basis.

Step 2: Choose the type of Estimating Services Needed

After you choose a project, the next step would be selecting the estimating services package for your project...

Assist Take-Off

  • We first submit fixture, gear, equipment, and material counts for quoted Items to you for your vendors to quote
  • Next, Labor hours for each and every item is calculated
  • Also, system material pricing on each item is finalized
  • ​We give you a detailed estimate of all labor and material needed
  • ​Finally, you finish the bid by adding in vendor quotes, labor rates, final markup and submit your proposal to your bidders

*Most Popular* (Astra Complete)

  • Astra provides you with a complete and detailed estimate
  • First we track down all the GC’s bidding the project
  • Second we call and build relationships with GC’s representing your company
  • ​Third we submit fixture, gear, equipment, and material counts for quoted Items to directly to your vendors 
  • ​Fourth we review and closeout the complete bid with your company
  • ​Fifth we prepare a bid proposal with all includes and excludes of your estimate
  • ​Sixth we submit your bid estimate to all bidding GC’s from the bidders list
  • ​Seventh we call for bid results and track the estimates progress
  • ​In conclusion, we then help negotiate the win for your company

Modified Complete

  • For contractors who only need certain tasks or portions of the estimate completed 
  • Then we offer the modified package
  • Where you can select exactly the services you need from the Complete Package list

Step 3: We provide you with a Cost Quote

Once you choose an estimating service package, we will then quote your company the total cost to prepare the estimate for you... 

We quote you the hours

  • First, we quote you the amount of hours to complete the estimate based on the project and services you selected.

You approve the cost quote

  • Next, after reviewing and approving the hours quoted to complete the estimate, we start the estimating process.

Modified Complete

  • Finally, after reviewing the quoted hours you can accept and we will then start the estimate or you can also pass on the project and choose a different one.

Success Stories

(View the Images, Videos & Screenshots Below to Learn More)

 How Would it Feel to Have a Consistent Pipeline of Bids & Wins From an Independent Estimator?

All while reducing dependency on Your Time & Cost to Estimate 

Look at These Testimonials of Our Results 

Every One of These Success Stories Started with a Independent Estimator Strategy Call.

"Mark I could not be happier with you and your team. Since I started using your services my bid wins have doubled and I have won 2 out of 7 bids so far which have totaled $412,000.00 in revenue. It is difficult when bidding to general contractors on the open bid market, however your team makes it so easy because of their knowledge, professionalism and how helpful they always are. You guys are Johnny on the spot with whatever I need and can’t thank you enough. My last project I won will be the Best Job I have had all year long and will make some really good money on it. I wear all the hats in my business and using your estimating services removes several of those very heavy hats. I am more than satisfied and wished I would have tried you sooner."
John McNulty
McNulty Electric, Inc.

$412,000 Revenue

Doubled Bid Wins

"Mark, we contacted you and your team because we could not handle all the bids internally in-house. Since we started working with you we have bid 4 projects and currently working on the 5th. We have won 2, lost 1 and still we are in the running for 4th project. The very first project you bid for us we won and it totaled over $1,250,000 of new revenue for our company. The second project we bid with you and your team we won and it totaled $600,000 in new revenue. Currently your services have generated over $1,850,000 of new revenue for our company and the project we are still in the running for will be over $2,300,000. I have to say we could not be happier with you and your team of professionals, you have met and sometimes go far beyond any of our expectations. I highly recommend using your services to anyone needing help with estimating or getting out more bids."
Gary Gulu
Owner of Gulu Electrical Contractors

$1,850,000 Revenue

Win Rate 2 in 5

$2,350,000 Pending

"Mark, I have never in my life made so much money on a single job like the one you and your team estimated and won for my company. I will make over $1,000,000 by the end of this project... I have been using Mark and his team of estimators for over seven years now and I would recommend them to any company that is in need of an estimator. If you want measurable results that will help your company grow and win more bids effectively while also staying profitable, then I would highly recommend using them for any of your estimating needs. Give Mark and his team of estimators a try, you will be overjoyed with the results!"
Dirk Walton
Owner of KAL Electric, Inc.

Over $1,000,000 Profit

Win Rate 3 in 5

Mark "We have bid three projects to date and have won all three totaling over $675,087.00 in revenue for my company. I have nothing but great things to say about you and your services. Your team is always professional, always fair and a great addition to my company as a second look on my projects to help me gauge where my bids should be. I highly recommend your services and I have more jobs I will be sending your way to help me bid." 
Joe Dowd
Dowd's Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

$675,087.00 Revenue

Win Rate 3 in 3

Mark, "Before I started using your Estimating Services our win verses loss averages were not very good. We would only win about 1 in every 20 commercial project estimates in the competitive open bid market. We are now at a 56% win average from using Astra Estimating Services which is far better than the disappointing 5% we were previously getting from estimating on our own. We have been using your company for a little over a year now and we do not estimate a lot of bids simply because we don’t need to. Since we started using your company, we have won 5 jobs and only lost 9 plus we are still waiting to hear on 3 additional projects which we believe we have a good shot at winning. With the 5 projects Astra has already won, the results totaled $819,781.41 and we could not be happier with our decision to use your estimating services. If anyone is on the fence about using Astra Estimating Services, please have them personally call me so I can tell them first hand your estimating services works and it will be one of the best decisions they could make for their company."
Rich Girard
Owner of Girard Electric

$819,781.41 Revenue

56% Win Average

3 Projects Still Pending

Mark, We could not be happier with the decision to use your services. Our relationship over the past four plus years has continued to grow and I would recommend using Astra for your estimating. Astra is a part of our team and it has been a great experience for our company.“
Joe Nardini
Owner of Gilligan & Nardini Electrical Contractors
“Mark has done a great job estimating our projects. If you are in a jam or need help with your estimating, then give them a call. We continue to use them because they bring us results.”
Kevin Skelton
President of KPS Plumbing Company
Mark, “Astra has been a great help to our company. They can turn around projects fast and the estimates are very detailed and accurate. I would recommend Astra to any contractor who is looking for a professional estimating service. We continue to use Astra on an as needed basis and have been extremely pleased with their work. Try them out and I am sure you will find that it is well worth it.”
Lou Tadiello
Two Seasons Heating & Cooling
No Estimate is Ever Shared with another Contractor! Every project is on a first come first service basis
Estimating Software we use to produce the Highest Quality Bids in the Industry!

To get Started Schedule a Strategy Call

During this call we will go over your current needs and come up with a results driven win strategy for your business 👍

How to Book Your Call:

Need Help? Contact Us: or call 330-633-7300
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